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Big Sky, Montana, US 191 and Lone Mountain Trail (MT 64)

Just for you . . .

KHDN AM 1230 is embarking on a new radio experience that we believe can only grow, and get better. With programming focusing on the positive experiences of life, such as travel, entertainment, medical, self-help, finances and investing, gardening and your home, veterans, wine, food, motorcycles, and yes, the business entrepreneur.  Now, 24 hours a day, expect to hear talk radio that affects you and yours.  Programming relevant to what matters to YOU, rather than the one-sided pitch of political “hate speak.”

Let us at Big Sky Radio be your comfort zone for programs you will find helpful, informational, educational, and always entertaining.  Imagine a world of talk radio that actually provides quality, unique programming directed to the most under-served, and most influential listener base anywhere.  This is the new Big Sky Radio on KHDN AM 1230.

Ready for something new?  Find what you asked for right here, 24/7.